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Reading MailFlipz Email is So Easy! Here's How!

Welcome to MailFlipz Inbox Direct - the service that's turning email on its head!

If you're a volume email sender, then you know that one of the hardest things about sending email these days is getting your email into the inbox. Between spam filters, junk folders, and delivery errors, trying to get your email delivered is a full-time job. And a headache.

Goodbye Junk Folder - Hello Inbox!

MailFlipz Inbox Direct is the email sending system that guarantees that your bulk email will get into your recipients' inbox the first time - every time. That's because instead of your bulk mail trying to push its way past all of the barriers and hurdles that the ISPs put up, your email is placed directly in their inbox!

Say Goodbye Spam Filters Too!

With MailFlipz Inbox Direct, your mailing list mail never gets run through a spam filter before it goes to your recipients. In fact, your email doesn't even go through their ISP at all - it just goes straight into your users' inbox!

Just Add One Address To Your Mailing List!

With MailFlipz you simply add a single email address to any of your already-existing mailing lists. As a MailFlipz sender you can then offer subscriptions to your mailings both the old fashioned way - email fraught with peril - or via MailFlipz - guaranteed delivery every time, and your email just shows up in the inbox of all of your MailFlipz enabled recipients - like magic!

The magic is in that one additional email address that you add to your mailing list. When a copy of your mailing list email goes to that special MailFlipz address, we store a copy of that email on our MailFlipz server. Then, all of your MailFlipz enabled users fetch your email automatically, from our server - directly into their inbox. No spam filters, no junk folders, no kidding!

How Can We Do This?

At this point you're probably saying to yourself "This sounds too good to be true! How do they do that?"

We do it using our unique, proprietary MailFlipz technology, which is layered on top of one of the most widely-deployed and stable open source publishing platforms in the world: RSS.

Here's how it works:

First, it's important to understand how email traditionally works. When you send email, it goes from your computer, out to your ISP (Internet service provider). Your ISP then transmits it to your recipient's ISP. That's usually where things can go horribly wrong - either your recipient's ISP has a spam filter that eats your email, or your recipient has a spam filter that eats your email, or it goes into the junk folder at either the ISP or on your recipient's computer. Sometimes their ISP accepts it and then doesn't deliver it anywhere, it just disappears without a trace! And of course sometimes it doesn't even make it that far - your own ISP may decide to junk it instead of transmit it, or your email may go through several intermediate ISPs or anti-spam appliances or other route hops, any of which can trap your email and stop it from getting to your users.

But with MailFlipz, your email doesn't have to run the gamut of spam filters, junk folders, and black holes waiting to send your email off-course.

Besides offering the MailFlipz subscription option to new subscribers at sign-on, MailFlipz is an excellent alternative to confirming or reconfirming existing mailing lists! Just add the MailFlipz subscription link for your mailing list in each email, and encourage your users to move to a MailFlipz subscription option! Users who want to receive your email will be eager to use MailFlipz so that they don't ever have to worry about losing a single one of your emails to spam filters and junk folders!

Want to see it in action?

Click on this link, or copy it and add it to your favorite RSS reader.

Of course, your MailFlipz subscribers won't have to use an RSS reader (but they could, if they wanted to).

MailFlipz subscribers have the choice of having their MailFlipz subscriptions go directly into their existing email inbox, to a small desktop inbox (available for all Windows systems), or to a companion browser window inbox whenever they check their Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail account! (This last is an excellent way to get around the problems associated with mailing to Hotmail and other webmail subscribers!)

For more information, or to sign up for MailFlipz Inbox Direct, drop a note to support@suretymail.com.

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